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Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Well so does Vigil - cursed to sleeplessness much similar to that of yourself, she roams a landscape accompanied by gnolls, goblins and other dangers. An RPG light novel hybrid, this demo was released under CSUF's VGDC. 

How to Play:

-click on objects/tiles to interact with them

-On World Map use WASD to move camera, click to move.

-Click on '?' to access tutorials


Cindy Proaño
Daniel Domingo
Ian Minchin
Melanie Ballesteros
Paola Rosales
Yafu Deng
Emerson Dauwalder

Alejandra Matus
Arielle Ramos
Bradley Burke
Carla Jacobsen
Carly Buck
Chris Nguyen
Christine Rodriguez
Cindy Proaño
Daniel Domingo
Edward Torres-Tzoni
Emma Luu
Gilbert Paderogo
Gordon Dan
Graciela Orozco
Jalen Jackson
Jonathan Torres
Justin Huang
Kaitlyn Deppmeier
Kaitlyn Mejia
Kenny Pham
Kristi Chang
Kyle Seabaugh
Laurie Quach
Lorena Macias
Ludwig Tan
Melanie Ballesteros
Michael Perez
Nathaniel Richards
Paola Rosales
Preshus Dizon
Raymond Fanning
Samuel Na
Sebastian Hernandez
Stephanie Pocci
Tara Nguyen
Tracy Origel
William Au
Yafu Deng
Yuri Pineda


VigiliNights_Showcase.zip 52 MB

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